Inkwell Community: Work. Well.

Welcome to the new way to access talent.

It is well-documented that the vast majority of hiring happens through personal networks. It is also well-known that diverse teams outperform teams that lack diversity.

How do you diversify your leadership team if you only rely on your personal network? Enter the Inkwell Community.

The Inkwell Community brings the power of our talent pool’s diverse, elite networks to our clients’ leadership needs and creates a positive circular economy for great, flexible jobs. Our best and brightest want to work with a certain degree of flexibility, and they know other top-tier talent who also seek flex jobs. We push opportunities to our Network and they bring us unique and experienced candidates who want to join your team. We believe that sourcing top talent is a highly valuable service, so we pay our own Network if a match is made from their referral!

By tapping into our Network of talent and using flexibility as an important part of the compensation package, we will find you the best person for the job and help you develop more diverse leadership teams. We believe in working well, and we cast a wide net. Put our Network to work for you.

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