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Our reward-based, referral-powered talent platform is the secret behind making the right matches. We use a unique AI to quickly connect clients with talent, making sure it's a real-love connection for both parties.

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We're the next generation of connected executive search, matching high-quality, pre-vetted candidates with leading, future-forward companies.

Meet the person who started it all

After creating the first iteration of Inkwell based on what I call a "returnity policy" for parents going back to work post-baby, I saw that I could disrupt the talent space even further. Executive search is a massive market, but the way we search today is broken. Traditional search relies on tapped-out recruiter connections, with failure rates of up to 75%; one bad hire can cost companies upwards of $250K. Our reward-based, AI-driven platform taps into vetted referrals from our members' micro-networks, yielding higher conversion rates of 40%. Today, our cultivated well of 15,000+ has some of the best talent in the business.

Manon DeFelice

Why Inkwell?

Inkwell's cultivated well of 15,000+ talented individuals is changing the face of hiring for the better. We're a reward-based, referral-powered talent platform, and our unique AI connects highly experienced candidates with high-salary positions so everyone can benefit. Because we’re in the business of getting the best people hired at the best companies. Period.

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