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I started Inkwell by making matches between the amazing, untapped talent I saw in my community that needed flexibility, and the start-ups that were willing to use flexibility as part of compensation. I soon realized there was a much larger market of incredible talent that was not being served by traditional recruiters, since they were not in the regular job market. These professionals prioritized or needed various types of flexibility – remote work due to a spouse’s job, flexible schedules due to family needs, or project-based, high-level opportunities after a successful company exit. Inkwell gives the best and brightest talent what they value the most – flexibility.

— Manon DeFelice, Founder and CEO

The Problem

Employers struggle with losing top-performing talent at some point in their work life-cycle. Studies show that attrition is likely to happen when employees are at the height of their careers—when their value to the company is at its peak.

High-level talent often leaves due to a lack of flexibility, which hurts the company with a lost investment in human capital.

The Solution

Companies can find an untapped and growing pool of talent that prioritizes flexibility over cash compensation.

Flexible work enables employees to prioritize work-life balance—thus leading to more job satisfaction for the employee and higher performance and talent retention for the employer.

How can we help

We focus on filling business-critical roles with top-notch talent, as well as providing strategic advice on integrating flexibility into the workplace.

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