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Your business needs leaders with different views and experiences to be truly innovative. Let us connect you to our diverse network of highly skilled professionals. Today's best and brightest value flexibility most.

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Executive Search

Inkwell’s candidate database is a curated set of highly skilled professionals with deep industry and management expertise, often seeking an element of flexibility in their career. We source most candidates either directly from our database or via referrals—a method that connects us to more diverse, well-vetted talent pools than those of traditional recruiters. In addition to executive search, we also offer board placements that help diversify your company at the highest level.

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On-Demand Executive Talent

Inkwell also specializes in project-based or hourly, on-demand executive talent. Our network of agile executive talent can flex up and down to meet the evolving needs of your business. Our freelancers generally work on one project at a time, so you get dedication to your company without the cost or commitment of a full-time hire.

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Inkwell Referral Community

Inkwell is breaking the model of traditional recruiting. Instead of hiring a team of recruiters who have the same Rolodex, Inkwell branches out to seek the best, most diverse talent from our proprietary network of…the best and most diverse talent! Dip into our Network and find the right fit for your company.

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Advisory Case Study

As a recruiting partner to GCT, an NYC startup incubator, and as a mentor at WeWork Labs, Inkwell is helping promising early-stage startups attract and retain diverse, top talent from the outset.

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