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What our customers and partners are saying

“Manon and the Inkwell team break what is usually a tradeoff between flexibility vs. compensation. When I was leaving an almost five year post as an Executive at a Fortune 500 company, they found my next dream job. A role that allowed me to use the breadth of my experience, bring my purpose to life, have more flexibility and maintain my compensation expectations.”

Mo Mullen, Founder, CEO at Momentum

“As a father of two young daughters and a spouse who works remotely, I love that Inkwell is transforming the way executive recruiting and referral systems work for the benefit of women and diverse candidates.”

Thomas Vu

“Inkwell is a valuable resource for companies and executives alike: its platform taps into an incredible group of highly sought after talent while building trust and community.”

Kendra Ragatz

“40% of high-growth private companies didn't have a woman on their board in 2021. 78% didn’t have any women of color. I recommend Inkwell because they’re actively placing more women into the corporate landscape at the highest levels. I believe this will be one of the largest drivers of value creation for high growth companies over the next decade.”

Heather Hartnett CEO, General Partner, Human Ventures VC

“Inkwell is addressing a noticeable gap in the experienced hire landscape. The talent pool it has attracted and captured in a short amount of time shows how critical the existence of this Company is.”

Shannon Sweeney, Managing Director at J.P. Morgan

“I've loved working with Inkwell to help dynamic and talented people in my network connect to great career opportunities. The icing on the cake is the referral bonus that Inkwell pays me when I refer a terrific candidate!”

Gina Clark des Cognets

“I was looking for a more flexible position to allow me to fulfill personal goals while feeling like I was contributing my strengths to a great organization. Joining the place Inkwell connected me with has allowed me to do both, even as I was hired to work remotely 6 weeks prior to the pandemic!”

Katie Slater, Sageworth

“Inkwell is a game changer for how my businesses advance! The caliber of the candidates they are able to deliver and the speed at which they do is if unprecedented. This is a service that finally keeps up with the pace at which businesses evolve today.”

Jody Levy | Global Director + CEO Summit Group Endeavors

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