We provide working parents with tech-smart help for their families’ needs. Our aim is to help kids stay on track with their education by partnering with college students, passionate about making the future and their local communities better.

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“We know the disruption is not temporary and we need big, bold ideas to adapt quickly to a universal upheaval.”

Manon DeFelice, Founder and CEO

About Teach Corps

When COVID-19 first hit and the lifestyle changes that came with it were implemented, nobody knew how long this “new normal” would last. And now, with more companies extending work-from-home until next year, and schools extending remote classes into the fall, we know the disruption is not temporary and we need big, bold ideas to adapt quickly to a universal upheaval.

As a mom and an entrepreneur laser-focused on finding creative ways to bring untapped potential into the economy through flexible work - I have a back of the envelope idea I’d love to engage our community on.Let’s tap college students, who are reluctantly in their home communities and learning from home, to help local working parents manage home-based schooling.We can call it: “TEACH CORPS.” College students have the unique opportunity to step up and serve their communities by helping to educate our youth.Without support we will see a generation of women step back and out of the workforce because they can’t work full time and educate their kids full time.We are only one person.

According to The New York Times, 13 percent of parents have considered quitting their jobs to care for their children as the pandemic persists. With so many parents still struggling to find ways to juggle working full-time and caring for their children and many schools starting the year online, local college students could be a safe solution to making sure kids can learn virtually and get their work done. Working parents are in desperate need of a pool of educated, tech-savvy partners to help make sure kids don’t slip too far behind and many college students are passionate about making the future brighter.

Let’s build the solution together!